You can buy any first copy shoes of any brands at firstcopyshoe.in

You can buy a copy or 7A quality shoe from anywhere in cheap price than original, but there are pros and cons of a first copy shoe (1st copy shoe).

Lets understand what is a first copy shoe

FactsWhat is a first copy shoe ?

So, it is A replicated copy of any branded shoes, let say Nike copy or adidas first copy all are made in Vietnam by any shoe factory copying a brand design, now the people buy a Nike copy shoe online for a cheap price actually buying a shoe which is not officially made by Nike

Now material quality also differ many times, lets say Nike use a high quality leather to make a Nike af-1 original shoes, but in a high quality 7A copy they may use a bit lower quality leather and stitch in same design like nike, no one can spot a difference in looks at least.

Is it worth to buy a first copy shoe ?

Um, in short depends how much money you have and how you carry your stuff

Are these shoes comfortable and durable we sell ?

You will love the shoe quality, we at first copy shoe website believe in customer satisfaction

Enough for read- its time to shop a pair of sneakers for you